A safe, welcoming dance community where everyone feels like they belong. Where people reconnect to their humanity through touch, forming rich relationships, and the joy of moving together.


Zouk Phoenix cultivates a joyful and inclusive community by skillfully teaching dance, ensuring a safe environment, and caring for each student.


The community of dancers are the heart and soul of Zouk Phoenix. We speak on behalf of the entire community when saying that newcomers are always welcome! Venturing into a group of people to try a new activity can be intimidating but the outcome will be well worth it.

Not sure where to begin? We have lots of resources for you! Check out upcoming events on our Facebook page or take a look at this article about getting started with a Zouk Phoenix class.

Have questions and want to talk to a real person? Email us at or message us on Facebook messenger and we’ll get back to you within a day or two!

Meet the creators

Ben Sodenkamp and Kiki Jenkins (affectionately called Biki) are passionate instructors of Brazilian Zouk. Having taken first place in the 2015 Zouk US Open, they are sharing Brazilian Zouk across the United States. Biki have been dancing together for four years and are known for their electric chemistry on the dance floor. Biki have recently returned from intensive training in Brazil, studying the Rio style of zouk with the form’s creator, Renata Pecanha among other world class instructors.

Ben has a movement background in martial arts, blues dance, and salsa. He has been leader in the Seattle zouk community: organizing events, teaching classes, and leading a performance team for the last several years. He has recently moved to Phoenix, AZ to start a new scene there.

Kiki brings over 20 years of experience in modern dance, ballet, and jazz and award-winning choreography to the partnership. She is also a professional scholar, exploring the relationship between society, dance, and innovation.